That hat

Found him at Braga, Bandung

Just seconds after i park my motorbike at Jl.Braga, i saw Muhammad Lukman with his interesting hat, a blue pale denim jacket, a broken white pants and a black totebag, and last but not least is the converse.

By the way, he is my very first ‘victim’ to conquer my fear to ask stranger on the street to take their outfit photograph. i’m so nervous, but suprisingly he is so kind and allow me to take his interesting outfit without any question to asked.

There’s a lot of lesson learned by this new experience, and slowly i’m gaining my confidence on asking people to take their outfit photograph.

Dan halo Lukman, kalo kamu baca blog ini, terimakasih banyak sudah memperbolehkan saya untuk mengambil foto outfitnya. Oia, tahu gak kenapa pas nyari username IG nya ga nemu aja? ternyata saya lupa kalo kuota internet saya sudah habis. haha… jadi bukan situ yang salah ketik. maaf ya 😁😌

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