Yellow Jacket kinda day

At this very first post on this blog in a very long time, i want to share something that i always wanted to do on the blog.

It’s about daily life, people statements, expression, a way to say something without saying it but showing it, It’s about the outfit, your daily fashion statements.

Fyi, that’s the reason why i make this blog since the very first time. To make something valuable to share to you, and i think fashion is already in me, i always interested with capturing people’s daily outfit. i just need to sharp it up and make it better.

At this blog post, i want to show you the fashion statement of my coworkers friend Mukti Cahyadi.

Mukti have a very good taste on fashion, he know lots of local fashion brand and he only buy an original one. He’s pretty aware of what’s going on and what’s hot in the fashion world. i learn a lot from him.

Today, he’s wearing a raincoat yellow jacket with an artistic collar shirt design, also with his daily vans shoes. Pretty much simple since it’s monday and his theme for the day is simplicity.

But overall, his yellow jacket take the dominance of his monday outfit. Fair to say that it’s a yellow jacket kinda day to him.

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