Pin Fashion #1

Starting from this post, i will shared what i always do when i browsing pinterest.

Pinning fashion inspirations!but, instead of pinning only, i will share it too at this blog.

Yes, all the picture on this post and for the next post about fashion, i will always collect photos from pinterest and blog it here,

Because, i feel when i pin pictures, it will only appears on my pinterest, i cannot reach you who never or rarely using pinterest. And that makes me sad 😦

To me, Pinterest is a must for seeking inspiration, not only for fashion and my daily outfits, but for almost everything.

And here we go.

i always love this fashion figure old man, why i said so?because this man is always appears when i search using ‘fashion’ word as the keyword. And this gentleman taste of fashion is ‘a champ’.

You know, when i got older, i want to grow old like this man, but only for the fashion taste, not the tattoo *i’m too scared with needle*

i think this blazer is happening right now, i want it too, just right about now. can i?

i always love the pastel and calm color, monochrome color would be my first option for my daily outfit.

Minimalist and simple is the basic thing for my fashion taste.

But for all that happens in fashion world, you dont wanna missed the Japanese style. It’s unique and already mark their footprints on fashion world. Japanese style is world wide.

Japanese style is easy to recognized coz of its bold signature, you’ll realize it NM if you see them at your neighboorhood. 😂

Old but Gold!

Aah.. i just love how he dressed up. It’s so……Japanese.with that blazer and how he use his bean hat. 


Now, after i finish exploring pinterest and receiving the good vibes and ideas for tomorrow’s outfit, i just thinking and looking at my own wardrobe, what can i choose for tomorrow’s outfit.

Hmm… agree?

Credit: all the photos are not mine, i just took it from pinterest.

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