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if i imagine something, all i want is to make it happen in some way like photography.  All i need is a happy mind, passionate heart and a camera with lens!



A happy mom with her son. gue bikin hitam putih karena menurut pribadi gue, pas editing ke black and white, rasanya lebih dapet. i don’t know why. But in photography, my photography,i always listening to my heart, my feeling karena buat gue, sejauh ini fotografi adalah tentang kepuasan diri sendiri dan tentu gue berharap oranglain pun suka dan puas atas apa yang gue bikin.



Look babe, your uncle is trying to be a good photographer!  hohoho…



Mommy, i just trying to catch my own shadow and i made it! yeay!



This is what i called as anti gravity! haha..



Let’s patternify the world!




As long as i can think and imagination is as free as oxygen to breath, i will imagine that i can fly and traveling all around the earth using umbrella. not wild enough?


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